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Hidden Treasures

Celebrating Morris' lifelong love of nature, the 'Hidden Treasures'
collection does much more than amplifiy echoes from the past.
It transforms them into elegant interior design classics that add
distinct character to the walls of any home.

Although it's well over 100 years since he passed, iconic English
designer William Morris continues to have a profound influence on
contemporary design. With Hidden Treasures, a series of previously
unseen Morris sketches have been faithfully recreated by acclaimed
swedish designer Bjorn Nilsson.

The William Morris Society aims to perpetuate the memory of the one of the
 greatest men of the victorian, or any, age. Established in 1955, the society's
roots go back to 1918 when May, William Morris's younger daaughter, founded 
the Kelmscott Fellowship, which later merged with the William Morris Society.
The life, work and ideas of William Morris are as important today as they were
in his lifetime and the society exists to make them as widely known as possible.

The Society owns a significant collection of Morris's original art works, ranging
from wallpapers and textiles to watercolour designs and archive material.