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Glitter Decor Instructions


Glitter Decor Fabric Backed Wallcovering

Where possible we would recommend using a professional to hang and measure your wall decor, once the fabric is cut by the suppliers it is then a bespoke order and like other fabrics it is then non-returnable and we cannot be held responsible for any incorrect measurements.

Like most fabrics Glitter decor has a selvedge edge to protect it before use this needs trimming off  before hanging, to make this easier we would recommend marking the back of the paper in a straight line with a chalk line or pencil before cutting.

Glitter decor is sold by the metre long and by 147/150cm wide (this measurement is based on how much you trim off the selvedge edge).

You will need to apply an ultra-strong ready mixed wallpaper adhesive on to the wall not on the backing. Leave the adhesive on the wall to go tacky before applying glitter decor.


 Best results are achieved by hanging as a panel or on an area narrower than the width where no join is needed i.e. alcove or chimney breast under 147cm wide.

If more than one drop is required then decorators suggest hanging it using the overlap and trim method, there is a decent but old video on the link below on you tube, it will give you an idea as to the method a tradesman would use although we do believe that this material maybe a little heavy for such a method so if you are going to attempt it yourself with the weight of the fabric a heavy duty trimming knife and steel cutting guide may make life easier or alternatively trim and butt with a decent pair of Wallpaper shears and heavy duty trimming knife as you would a standard paper.  As a DIYer if you are going to attempt yourself we would highly recommend you having someone to help as the width does make it a little tricky to handle on your own.

Hang each drop top to bottom. Making sure that the glitter is hung in the same direction as it comes off the roll. If it is turned there maybe a shading difference so please ensure this dosen't happen by marking the back as to which end is the top.

Important – avoid getting adhesive on the surface of the fabric glitter but do not attempt to rub off any adhesive that does occur as this could result in loss of glitter chips that are on the fabric

Remember that there maybe a little glitter shedding and a gentle shake before application will reduce this, after hanging some shedding may occur but should be minimal and this will reduce in time.

Above is just a guide to help and as with all decoration around the home take a little time and use a bit of common sense maybe the best advice.

Enjoy Glitter Decor !!!

Fire Rating-

BS476 Part 7

Euro class C-s2,d0