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Frequently asked Questions
Wallpaper Questions
Can you explain what the wallpaper symbols mean?

Please visit this page to see our handy wallpaper symbols guide.

What is a pattern match?

Pattern matching is the way you hang two lengths of wallpaper so that the pattern matches up across the lengths.

You will notice on roll labels that wallpapers have a pattern match. To hang wallpaper it’s important to know where to match up the lengths. The pattern match will commonly be one of the 3 on this link.


 What is a match repeat?

The match repeat, sometimes known as pattern repeat, is the vertical distance between where the pattern is identical again. You’ll notice that plain wallpapers do not have a repeat.
Match repeats can vary in sizes so please check the label on the roll.

 What is Paste-the-Wall wallpaper?

Paste-the-Wall wallpaper does not require you to paste the back of the paper or allow it soak before hanging each length. You just simply apply paste directly to the wall itself and then hang the paper.

 Do you sell horizontal striped wallpaper?

Typically any horizontally striped wallpaper that you see is actually just standard striped wallpaper. Most vertical striped wallpapers can be hung sideways to achieve the desired effect.

What is a batch/shade number?

You will notice a batch number present on the label of any wallpaper e.g. Batch A2. Wallpaper is manufactured in batches and slight variations can occur from batch to batch. This is why you should always order enough wallpaper for your project and ensure all the rolls you use carry the same batch number.

 How many rolls do I need?

Please click the link for a guide

Our wallpaper guide is for guideline purposes only and uses approximations to work out the number of rolls. Please note that due to variations in room size and shape, number of windows and doors, and design pattern match repeats, we cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of this tool.


and lastly possibly the most important question.............

Does the Wallpaper design always come off the roll the right way around ?

The answer is no. This is related to the manufacture and the number of processes the wallpaper passes through during printing, each process rewinds the roll in the opposite direction so depending on which end the printing process finishes that will determine which way the pattern comes off the roll. Manufacturers will generally look to ensure that the paper comes off the roll top first but this cannot be guaranteed and must never be assumed to be the case. Always check before hanging that you are satisfied that you are hanging the correct way up.

NB If you are not present when the paper is being hung ie its being hung by a decorator and there could be doubt as to which way up it should go please inform the wallpaper hanger as to which way up you want it hanging before the job is started.

Tips & Advice
 How do you hang wallpaper?

We have a great, step-by-step wallpaper hanging guide.
 What type of wallpaper can I use in my kitchen or bathroom?

Kitchens and bathrooms have high moisture levels so you’ll need to use wallpaper that can resist moisture. We have a range of vinyl wallpapers that are suitable for this.


What type of paste should I use?

Most commercially available pastes are suitable for our range of wallpapers, but please read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully before use.


 Can I hang new wallpaper over existing wallpaper?
We do not recommend hanging your new wallpaper over the top of existing wallpaper. This is especially important if your old wallpaper is textured.

It is always better to strip off any existing wallpaper as this will provide a better finished result.


Do I need to use lining paper?

Lining paper provides a good base for wallpaper, especially if your walls have any imperfections.


What is cross lining?
Instead of hanging the lining paper vertically, you hang it horizontally. This ensures that you don’t see any seams through your new wallpaper.