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C+C Couture
Inspired by the catwalks, Couture is a collection of 9 original designs, creating over 60 wallcovering options across different techniques including flock, surface texture and metallic prints.
Design Lamps has been created as a flock outline and also in the form of a brand new technique of applying glass beads to the paper to create a shimmering depth of glamour.
Ornella is equally as dramatic and is printed with flock and also with metallics which provides an extra dimension.
The remaining designs Bravo, Kasbah, Strike, Vision and Vogue work well as feature designs as well as designs that can be used in large areas and on all 4 walls, depending on the choice of colour.
All are printed on a luxurious heavy weight, non-woven quality which mean wallcoverings that are more flexible, easier to hang and more durable than ordinary wallpapers.

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